Licensed as an Indiana managing broker, Nino Berticelli serves clients in both Indianapolis AND South Bend!

A proud South Bend native, Nino graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1999. Following graduation and a successful college soccer playing career, including Notre Dame’s first Big East men’s soccer championship in 1996, he was honored to serve on the coaching staff at his alma mater. During what became a 15-year career in collegiate athletics, Nino went on to spend five years on staff at NCAA Headquarters here in Indianapolis, and by age 37, was one of the youngest acting Division I Athletic Directors in America.

However, since buying his first home at age 25, much of Nino’s passion and personal time became focused on the world of real estate. This passion lead to numerous successful investment projects (rentals and flips) in Florida, Texas, and Indiana. Ultimately, in 2014, it led to the birth of Monogram Housing – a South Bend vacation rental company, offering furnished rental homes walking distance to the campus of Notre Dame.

Being a broker AND an active investor himself, Nino is able to advise clients not only as someone who monitors and studies the real estate market, but as someone who actively participates in it as well. That level of experience and perspective helps his clients stay ahead of a fast-moving, competitive market – and most importantly, make money!

Whether you’re buying or selling, primary home or a portfolio of investment properties, Nino’s philosophy is committed to the aspect of building wealth through real estate. Since a home is the biggest investment the average American makes in their life, it should also be the biggest contributor to their future wealth. Nino’s aim is to set all of his clients on that track. Want to explore the different ways owning real estate should make you money? Give him a call today and see why his clients say ‘Nino Is My Homeboy!’